The EAGE Student Lecture has a tour in Europe

The EAGE Student Lecture has a tour in Europe

14 March 2019

EAGE has been reaching out to the student community with the EAGE Student Lecture Tour (SLT)
since 2007, which provides half-day lectures on interesting geoscience or engineering-related topics
top; students from different disciplines and levels can take a sit in the lecture. This initiative is fully
sponsored by EAGE Student Fund, and provide the collaboration with universities and EAGE
student chapters worldwide.

Currently, Patrick Connolly is embarking on a Student Lecture Tour on Probabilistic Seismic Inversion
for Reservoir Properties.  He will offer a  few details of the seismic probabilistic based on
Bayesian methods, which is recently used by the industry for the estimation
of reservoir properties.

The coming stops of the tour in Europe are going to Cardiff, UK on 19 March; Berlin, Germany on 24 April;
Freiberg , Germany on 25 April and Checiny, Poland on 26 Abril. All student are invited to participate
in any of the stops available and take the chance to receive a special lecture dedicated to the student
community in Europe. For more information, visit EAGE Student lecture Tour

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