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Thursday 20 August

Are you a geoscience know-it-all and interested in the mission of the EAGE
Student Fund? Considering the fact your are reading this actual blog post,
you likely are! If so, you should certainly join our fundraiser Geo Quiz on
Friday 28 August, 16:00 CEST.

What’s it all about

As a charity, the EAGE Student Fund support student excellence in
geoscience & engineering globally. Most of EAGE’s student activities are
made possible with the support of the fund. This includes our lecture tours,
e-Summits, student engagement at our conferences and chapter support.
Since the inception of our Fund in 2009 we’ve been able to help thousands
of students.

In order to continue our mission, we need your support. For that reason, we
are organizing a fundraiser online geo quiz. During the quiz, participants
will get a variety of questions about Earth Science and the EAGE Student
Fund in particular. Participation is free, but we would like you to consider
making a donation to the Fund and support our Mission.

How to get involved

If you think you’re up to the challenge, learn more and sign up today, or
donate directly online. Many thanks for your support and may the best
player win!

September & October student e-Summits topics selected

17 Augustus 2020

It’s almost September, time to get back to (online) classes. As you may have
noticed, the EAGE Student e-Summits have not taken a break this Summer –
we are keeping up our monthly deliveries.

Following our most recent delivery on Digitalization and career
development, we’re ready to announce our first Autumn e-Summits. In
September and October two new e-Summits for the upcoming months. In
September, our focus will be on mineral exploration and student career
development. October will see a return to energy transition, with a focus on
Latin America.

September e-Summit on Mineral Exploration

On Friday 11 September we are gathering a panel with speakers from
Africa and Europe to discuss careers in mineral exploration. What kind of
skills does one need to be successful here? What does the research scene
look like? How does the ongoing demand for rare earth minerals play into
this? Join our panellists on 11 September to see what our panellists deal
with this topic!

More information

Do you GE(E)T It – Latin America edition in October

In June, we organized our first e-Summit on geoscience & engineering in
the energy transition
, focussing on the APAC and European markets.
Following a fruitful and constructive summit, we’re now bringing the topic
to the Americas – a region with incredibly potential as well as some well-
established communities working on the advancement of renewable
energy. We will bring together speakers from Brazil, Colombia and Costa
Rica to assess how students can create a career for themselves and
contribute to energy transition in the region.

Call for proposals future e-Summits

After October, the floor can be all yours for our next e-Summits. Do you
have a topic which you would like to explore? Get in touch with us today!

And the winner of the 2020 Laurie Dake Challenge is…

13 August 2020

The Laurie Dake Challenge, the integrated team competition in which
students have to come up with a development plan based on a real dataset
concluded last year with the announcement of the winners of this year’s

In regular years, this announcement would have been made during the
EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition. This year, we opted for an online
ceremony streamed through EAGE’s Youtube channel.

Finals LDC 2020

The jury members of the Laurie Dake Challenge, consisting of company
representatives and members of the Student Affairs Committee, were
impressed with the outcomes of the final round. All teams were able to
come up with thought provoking solutions to develop the dataset provided,
making a selection of the top three a difficult task.

Only one team can be the winner though and this year these honours went
to the Mexican Institute of Petroleum (Mexico)! Runners up were Universiti
Teknologi PETRONAS (Malaysia), with the Bandung Institute of Technology
(Indonesia) completing the top 3. Congratulations to all participants for
your hard work and dedicated. We know it was an incredibly hard final
round, with self-isolation and university closures making work difficult.

Award ceremony recap

Did you miss out on the award ceremony but are you curious about the
award and the people behind the work? A recording of the ceremony is
available through the EAGE Youtube channel.

Gustavo Sclocchi Award winners announced

3 August 2020

The Gustavo Sclocchi Award is a joint initiative between the EAGE Student
Fund, SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers – Italian Section) and
Assomineraria (Italian Petroleum and Mining Industry Association –
Hydrocarbon and Geothermal Resources Sector).

The award series was initiated in 1993 to celebrate academic excellence
from Italian universities and Italian nationals graduating abroad. It was
named after Gustavo Sclocchi in 2003 in honour of his dedicated work on
the awards series.

Since its inception, 641 theses have been submitted, 138 of these receiving
awards. This edition marked a number of new elements, such as the first
inclusion of a dedicated category focussing on renewable energy and
energy transition. In addition, the award ceremony was, for the first time
ever, held entirely online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Overview of awardees

Sclocchi awards – MsC and Phd

  • Margherita Bruscolini – Universita di Milano (MSc)
    BYF cements: an eco-friendly alternative to ordinary Portland cements
  • Luca Bianchin – Universita di Trieste (PhD)
    Low-frequency Reconstruction Methods for Elastic Parameter
  • Chiara Zuffetti – Universita di Milano (PhD)
    Characterization and Modelling of Complex Geological Architectures:
    The Quaternary fill of the Po Basin at the Po Plain-Apennines border
    (Lombary, Italy)

Sclocchi awards – BSc and 2nd level MSc

  • Giuseppe Battista Abbate – University of Vienna (2nd level MSc)
    Defining the path to implement predictive maintenance on an offshore
    drilling business
  • Ahmed M. Sadek Elgendy – Politecnico di Torino (2nd level MSc)
    Carbon Capture & Storage: Modelling Prospective

Special mentions

  • Martina Balestra – Universita di Roma3 (PhD)
    Structural-Thermal Evolution of the Apenninic-Maghrebian Fold-and-
    thrust Belt in NW Sicily: Insights from 1D to 3D modelling
  • Magdalena Vera Chena – Politecnico di Torino (MSc)
    Risk Assessment of a Continuous Circulation System – Heart of Drilling
    (HOD) applied to drilling operations
  • Iwan Setiawan – Universita delgri Studi di Perugia (MSc)
    Seismic Characterization of a Late Miocene Calciclastic Deep-Water Fan
    in the Phu Khanh Basin, Offshore Vietnam
  • Carlo Cristiano Stabile – Politecnico di Torino (2nd level MSc)
    Data Analytics Approaches for the Distribution of Enhanced Perm
    Features in Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoirs
  • Marco Teodori – Politechnico di Milano (MSc)
    PIG Data Processing for Oil and Gas Pipeline Integrity Assessment

Sclocchi Award Ceremony

During the award ceremony, three prizes for category A, two prizes for category B, and five special mentions were awarded. Congratulations to all winners!

Any further information on the event will be posted on a dedicated page by the EAGE-SEG Italian Section. We’ve also uploaded the award ceremony to EAGE’s Youtube channel for those who missed out on the live ceremony.

Congratulations class of 2020!

17 July 2020

Are you graduating this summer? Congratulations for getting your degree
in what must be one of the most challenging academic years to graduate –
doing it all from home is not easy after all! Congratulations to making it and
we hope you have a change to celebrate with your friends and family. As we
can imagine you’ll have a lot to look forward to post-graduation, we’re
sharing a quick check-list to smoothly transition between years.

Our post-grad check-list

  • Are you a member of an existing EAGE Student Chapter? Make sure to
    transfer your tasks to a fellow student still at university to keep your
    chapter strong!
  • Moving to a new university for your postgraduate studies? Check
    whether an EAGE chapter is already active there and see how you can
    get involved.
  • Make sure to keep your contact details up to date. We know keeping
    address details up to date is not the most exciting thing on your list
    right now – we’ve been there 😉 However, if you want to stay in the
    know, make sure we can reach you on a valid email address.
  • Rather than shelving your thesis, consider presenting it! The EAGE
    Student Fund offers a variety of opportunities to have yours
    included at (online) conferences or workshops.
  • Did you manage to secure an interesting job or that land dream
    postgraduate course? Sounds like you’ve got a great story for a future
    Student e-Summit. Drop us a line if you’re keen to be one of our future

Finally, if you’re up for it… consider giving back by making a donation to the
EAGE Student Fund
! Your support definitely helps us provide the same
experiences to the next group of students.

Call for Student Panelists

Monday 13 July

Since April 2020, our Student e-Summits bring together students through
interactive online events. Initially meant to help student chapter
representatives, we are now branching out to technical topics as well as
career development.

For each delivery, we would like to get three geoscience students involved
as panelists. Over the months, we’ve been able to hosts a diverse set of
speakers contributing from all over the globe. Now, we would like to give
you the opportunity to get involved yourself!

We are looking for the following profile:

  • good command of English;
  • previous involvement with the EAGE Student Fund is a plus, but not a
  • you have a stable internet connection with video and sound;
  • most importantly: you have a passion for your studies and research!

If you believe you are a good candidate to be considered, please send us an
email, detailing who you are and what your preferred topic(s) of interests

Student Activities at EAGE Conference & Exhibition

2 July 2020

Summer holidays are coming up! We can imagine you are not immediately
thinking the EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition this December whilst
dealing with last minute deadlines and high temperatures, but rest assured
the EAGE Student Fund is supporting a varied programme for the

As many will know, the conference was moved from June to December
2020. As a result, some of our projects, such as the Laurie Dake Challenge,
had the be rescheduled as well. We’re keeping you connected the the
community through our online lecture tours and e-Summits, but hope we
can welcome you to our first in-person student activities in Amsterdam!

What’s on

In Amsterdam, you can expect a series of different activities throughout the
course of the conference. For starters, student researchers will have the
opportunity to present their work as part of the technical programme. In
order to bring students and professional life closer together, we are
organizing our Networking Cafe, Company Presentations and Exhibition

For in order to exercise your grey matter, we encourage you to participate
in the EAGE Geo Quiz or learn from others by joining our Student Chapter

Make sure to check out the full programme on offer at the dedicated
conference website.

July e-Summits to focus on Energy Transition

26 June, 2020

July will bring not one, but two editions of our Student e-Summit deliveries.
These e-Summits: ‘Do you GE(E)T it? Geoscience, Engineering and the
Energy Transition’ will allow participants how they can use their skillsets to
contribute to the energy transition.

The e-Summits will take place on to On Monday 6 July (focus: Asia Pacific,
Middle East, Africa and Europe) and Monday 13 July (focus: Americas)
students can connect with up our panellists.

If you want to learn more about your career opportunities in Energy
Transition and what other students are doing to prepare for this, make sure
to register for one of our deliveries through the EAGE Student webpage.

The summits are open to all to attend.

Finalists of the Laurie Dake Challenge 2020 Announced!

11 June 2020

The Laurie Dake Challenge is a long-running project for EAGE students. The project is a
fully integrated evaluation and development task that challenges students to simulate a `
real industry activity culminating in a final round during the EAGE Annual conference &
exhibition in December.. 

This year, the dataset proved not to be the only challenge for students to overcome! 
The challenge has required a different workflow on the second round submission
after the lockdown of universities because of  the global situation of the COVID-19.
Even though teams were unable to work in the traditional way, we received excellent
quality of work on the submission of all participants. We would like to congratulate
all teams which accomplish their commitment with the project and did not give up the project!
We are pleased to announce  the selection of the six best  teams out of the 13 selected in
the previous round. The six finalists were selected based on an interim review, where teams
were required to record a pitch for their development plans. The remaining candidates will
receive an invitation to present their findings to a jury panel from academia and
the oil and gas sector. 

The six teams moving on the next stage of the competition are:
University of Stavanger, Norway;
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia;
Mexican Institute of Petroleum, Mexico

IFP School, France;
Curtin University, Australia;
Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia;

This contest would not be possible without Shell supporting the Laurie Dake Challenge by
providing the challenging dataset, as well as the Students Affairs Committee who has worked
hard to prepare the 2020 Laurie Dake Challenge.

During the official Opening Ceremony on Monday 8 December at EAGE Annual Conference
& Exhibition in Amsterdam, the EAGE President will be announcing the official Laurie
Dake Challenge 2020 winning team.

We wish participants good luck and may the best team win!

4 June, A Day of (e)Learning

29 May, 2020

More and more of our activities are pivoting to the online realm. After the
success of the Latin America Student Lecture Tours earlier this month,
we’re now bringing an afternoon (or morning, depending from where you are connecting of course) of EAGE student activities to you on
Thursday 4 June, consisting of a new online SLT as well as a new edition of
the EAGE Student e-Summits.

Student Lecture Tour Dr. Patrick Connolly

Last year, Dr. Connolly already delivered a series of lectures for EAGE
student Chapters in Europe in 2019
, titled: ‘Probabilistic Seismic Inversion
for Reservoir Properties’. On popular demand, we are now happy to
announce him for our upcoming online SLT!

Between 14:00 and 15:00 hrs CEST, you can join Dr. Connolly and other
students to participate in his online delivery. Registration is currently open
and free for all EAGE student members.

e-Summit: Ready, Set, GO!

Following the e-Summit, we are continuing the student engagement with
the next edition of our e-Summit series. The summit starts at 16:00 hrs CEST
and focusses on the best (and worst) practices starting ones career. Our
panellists represent a variety of backgrounds and career paths, so make
sure to prepare some questions to get the most out of the meeting.

e-Summit registration is open to all, but limited places are available! For
that reason, make sure to sign up today to avoid missing out later.

Registration links

Student Lecture Tour registration

e-Summit registration