EAGE community raises over 3.5K

26 Feb, 2021

In the first months of the EAGE 2021 Membership renewal, EAGE members
have donated over EUR 3500,– to the EAGE Student Fund – an amazing feat!

Prospective and renewing EAGE members have the opportunity to, in
addition to their membership, make a donation the the EAGE Student Fund
as well as the EAGE Green Fund. These donations are of great help in the
further development of our activities.

When securing your EAGE membership, please consider supporting our
mission. If you are already a member for this year and missed the option to
donate, you can do so through our dedicated EAGE donation platform.

Many thanks for your support!

First e-Summits 2021 announced

23 Feb 2021

The EAGE Student e-Summits are back for a second season. After the launch
of the initiative in April 2020 and the subsequent successful continuation of
the series, we are bringing you new meetings each month for our student
community to engage in.

Through the e-Summits project, we try to connect students with Young
Professionals and other students to help them develop themselves and
learn from experiences of others.

In March, we will be bringing you two e-Summits:

  • Working together, apart – best practices from student teams on
    distanced group work
  • Hit the Road – Geoscience careers in Infrastructure and the built

More information, including speakers, is available at the dedicated EAGE e-
Summit page
. Registration is free for all students interested in geoscience
and related engineering disciplines.

Four reasons why the ESF supports geoscience students

24 January 2021

In 2021 the EAGE Student Fund will continue to work on bringing
geoscience students together to prepare them for the geo-scientific
challenges of tomorrow.

Still, early on in the new year, we collected four main reasons why the ESF
supports the international geoscience student community and what we do
to get there, plus one way how you can help.

Connecting students in disruptive times

Whether it is access energy, urbanization, prevention of natural hazards or
climate change, geoscientists play an important role in identifying and
tackling these challenges. Issues often do not merely affect individual cities,
regions or countries, but require an international scope to be tackled
effectively. Especially in times like these, meaningful community events are
key to facilitate cooperation to do so.

The ESF, therefore, facilitates programmes to stimulate international
interaction and knowledge sharing, helping students gain new skills to help
them in their future careers.

In 2020 we developed a couple of new initiatives to accommodate for the
new situation connecting online, such as our EAGE Student webinars and
the e-Summit series. These new initiatives bring together students from
various universities in a time this is not always possible.

Opportunities for all

To build strong international communities, one needs access to academic
resources. Many of today’s geological and geophysical challenges relate to
the global South, where students may have fewer academic resources

ESF supports activities to increase information. Through our Student
Membership grants, we want to open up geoscientific publications and
abstracts to students worldwide.

Skills to excel

In addition to academic excellence, the ESF strives to provide Earth Science
students with useful skills not directly gained in the classroom itself.

The ESF helps students to gain practical by support fieldwork, supports
student chapters with their own events and conferences and stimulates
cross-disciplinary cooperation through the Laurie Dake Challenge and

Promoting the next generation of
geoscientists and engineers

It is not always easy for students to connect with peers and the professional community – especially not when all networking is done from behind a computer. For that reason, we’re offering students a platform to present their research and stories by offering event grants to EAGE conferences.

How you can contribute

The ESF cannot fulfil its mission without the support of our funders. We
would therefore like to thank our company and individual funders for
their donations in 2020.

If you want to contribute, please consider making a one-time donation or
donate your knowledge and time as a volunteer. If you would like to learn
more about giving back to the geoscience student community in a different
way, please do get in touch.

Sclocchi Award nominations open

18 January 2021

We believe student excellence should be recognized. For that reason, the
EAGE Student Fund works together with the SPE Italian Section and
Assorisorse to make the 28th Gustavo Sclocchi Thesis Award possible.

About the Sclocchi Award

The award was established to reward high quality thesis work at Italian
universities as well as Italians completing degrees abroad. The award has
two categories: Level A (Master of Science (Laurea Magistrale) theses and
Doctor of Philosophy (Dottorato di Ricerca) theses and Level B (2nd Level
Master Reports and Bachelor of Science (Laurea di I livello) theses). In
addition to a certificate, awardees will receive EUR 2 400,– (category A) or,
EUR 1 200,– (category B).

2020 Sclocchi Award now open

The organizers of the award are currently welcoming submissions from
recent graduates – anyone graduating between 1 October 2019 and 31
December 2020 can apply. Are you a recent graduate? Make sure to check
on your eligibility and how to apply today, as the deadline to submit details
and abstract of your research is 28 February 2021.

Gustavo Sclocchi Award Application – Eligibility & Procedure

Student Chapters & Membership Support

5 January, 2021

Happy new year!

The EAGE Student Fund will endeavour to make a wide range of activities to
students available in 2021 virtually and, where possible later in the year, in

Key to this is our Student membership support programme. Student
chapters can receive up to 15 membership grants for their members to
access EAGE materials and services. Students exploring EAGE membership
for the first time can also apply to a student membership grant.

Setting up a student chapter provides you with several benefits, amongst
them the membership grants. In addition to this, you can count on support
for the developments of your own activities and you can participate in
student chapter only events, such as the online geo quiz programme and
the option to request virtual online student lecture deliveries.

If you are renewing your student chapter or if you are interested in
establishing a chapter at your university, make sure to read up on the
guidelines and steps here.

Renew / establish your student chapter

Apply for a student membership grant (individuals)

Include the ESF in your end of year giving

With the year coming to a close, we look back at a disruptive, but also
innovative year. Working from home and the move to online activities
allowed for the development of new initiatives to continue our work and
help students prepare themselves for a strong start of their career.

Innovation in 2020

In March, a full transition to online activities was made. A red thread
throughout was the inception of our e-Summit series, but also other
activities traditionally taking place in person, such as the Laurie Dake
Challenge, Geo Quizes and student lecture tours all moved online
successfully. We want to thank all people who helped us make this happen!

Support innovation – donate today

In order to keep on innovating and offer students continued support both
online and in person, the EAGE Student Fund relies on donations from
companies and individuals. We would therefore like to ask you, where
possible, to consider donating to the EAGE Student Fund.

You can do so via the website, or by contacting us directly about your gift.

Many thanks for your support!

Laurie Dake Challenge 2021 now open

The Laurie Dake Challenge is one of the cornerstone projects the EAGE
Student Fund supports throughout the year. We are therefore happy to
inform you it is now possible for students to participate in the 2021 edition
of the event.

For our tenth ever delivery of the Challenge the EAGE Student Fund
partners with Wintershall DEA, which provides the dataset for this year.

In order to be successful, students have to cooperate in multi-disciplinary
teams. We encourage students to have variation in both disciplines as well
as study level. Diversity and team work is going to be key!

Student Applications open

Students interested in participating should submit their application,
including a motivational letter, by 18 January 2021. For questions on the
procedure you can contact the organizers at

The application process is available here.

Strong student contingent at EAGE December conferences

Thursday 17 December,

On 7 – 11 December, EAGE organized two of its leading conferences – Near
Surface Geoscience (7-8 December) and the EAGE 2020 Annual Conference
& Exhibition online (8-11 December). Students and their contributions were
key to making the conferences a success, with over 300 students
participating in the meetings.

At the EAGE 2020 Annual Conference & Exhibition a dedicated student
programme was offered. This included the traditional geo quiz (albeit
virtual this year) as well as a dedicated e-Summit delivery and a academic
networking cafe. We want to thank your e-Summit panellists Alexander
Juestel (RWTH Aachen), Myrna Staring (Fugro), Rumbidzai Nhunduru
(Heriot-Watt University) and Valerie Krampe (ETH Zurich), as well as our
university representatives from the University of Leeds, Uppsala University,
IFP School and Delft University of Technology for their contributions!

The conferences provided a strong conclusion to a rather eventful year. We
are looking forward to supporting students in their career development in

Student Webinars on Machine Learning upcoming

5 October, 2020

In October and November, a trilogy of webinars on machine learning in
geoscience will be organized. Organized on three consecutive Mondays,
students will have the chance to participate in standalone webinars on this
hot topic.

The deliveries will be scheduled for 19, 26 October and 2 November.
Each of the three webinars will focus on a different aspect of machine
learning: Outlier Detection (19 October), Image Analysis (26 October) and
Geomechanical Prediction (2 November).

The webinars will be delivered by Prof. Siddarth Misra from the Texas A&M
University, USA. The EAGE Student Fund would like to thank Prof. Misra for
his time and dedicated putting forward this interesting set of webinars for
students to participate in.

About the instructor

Prof. Siddharth Misra is an Associate Professor in Harold Vance Department
of Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M University. He is an educator
across the disciplines of formation evaluation, petrophysics, geophysics,
and subsurface data analytics. His research focusses on machine learning,
subsurface characterization and sensing.

Misra holds a Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering from The University of Texas
at Austin. Prior to that, from 2007 to 2010, he worked as a Wireline Field
Engineer in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and USA with Halliburton. He received his
undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of
Technology Bombay, India, in 2007.

Student Chapters leading deliveries

Similar to our Student Lecture Tours, Prof. Misra’s webinars will be
delivered as part of our dedicated offering to student chapters. Student
chapter representatives from our Latin American university chapters play
an active role in the organization and promotion of the events. Through this
approach, we give student chapters an active role on determining what
courses to get involved in.

International Day of Charity

2 September 2020

On 5 September we are celebrating the International Day of Charity. Are
you also looking to give back to the community? Consider supporting the
next generation of geoscientists and engineering and support the EAGE
Student Fund!

Over the years, we’ve been able to support thousands of students around
the globe to provide them with a platform for their research, support
student chapter projects and power team challenges such as our Geo Quiz
programme and the Laurie Dake Challenge.

Support the EAGE Student Fund today through an online donation.

Thank you!