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ESF @ 10 – Meet the participants

25 April, 2019

The EAGE Student Fund celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. During
this decade, many people have been involved with the activities of the fund
– either as volunteer, donor or student.

In order to see the impact of their involvement, a series of interviews is
being be released over the year. For April, we asked for input from former
students to see how their involvement with the ESF has helped them in the
course of their career.

Vladimir Shipilin is a young professional who is currently working at the
Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics. Originally from Uzbekistan,
Vladimir has been involved in many of the ESF supported activities,
including student workshops, Geo Quiz and annual conferences.

‘I used the knowledge obtained in a Paris 2017 student workshop during the
interview for my present position in Hannover. I can therefore say the ESF
has actively contributed towards my current employment!

Vladimir’s experience is a great example of how involvement in ESF
activities helps to develop the skills and network of next generation’s
geoscience experts. You can read the full interview with Vladimir on the
EAGE website.

ESF @ 10 interviews

Vladimir’s interview is part of a larger series. To see the latest and to learn
who has been involved, have a look at the dedicated ESF@10 page.

Three ways to support the ESF today

4 April 2019

The activities of the EAGE Student Fund for 2019 are already well under
way: two different student lecture tours, 60+ student chapters worldwide
and an engaging Student Programme at the EAGE Annual Conference &
Exhibition are already in place to set the stage for our student community.

These activities are just a selection of our activities to equip students
worldwide with the latest information and network to become leaders in
their discipline. If you would also like to contibute to the mission of the ESF,
here’s three way to do just that:

Become a company supporter

To ensure a strong organisation, one requires a knowledgeable and
connected workforce. This is exactly what the EAGE Student Fund sets out
to do. By providing students with the opportunity to gain new knowledge,
skills and by introducing them into the global geoscience community, it
helps them to hit the ground running when taking the next step in their

For this reason, the EAGE Student Fund encourages companies to become
involved. If your organisation builds on young geoscience talent and
endorses the mission of the ESF, please consider becoming a company

Legacy giving

Become a trustee of the ESF by creating your own personal fund to support
the future of geoscience. Legacy giving such as the establishment of the
Putcuyps-Mustafina Fund are a great help to ensuring continuity for our

If you have a passion for education and enabling the next generation of
geoscientists, please consider including legacy giving to the fund. In order
to learn more about the opportunities, please contact us directly and we
would be happy to provide you with more information.

Make a donation

Even a single donation already helps to support the EAGE Student Fund in
our activities. With student membership grants coming in at EUR 25,– and
ESF support for student developed initiatives starting with small amount,
your gift can help to provide new opportunities to individual as well as
groups of students.

Did you know the ESF is a registered Dutch charity (ANBI)? As such, your
donation may be tax deductible under Dutch law.

Make a donation today, or contact us about giving to the ESF.

ESF student membership applications

7 March 2019

It’s March already! That means for many the academic year is rapidly progressing. Are you currently
a student orientating yourself on the job market or future career in research? In addition to
your academic work, a variety of skills and experiences can help you to gain a better understanding
of where to take your career or studies next. At the ESF, we understand access to the right platform,
information and training is important. It is for that reason one of the key activities the fund supports
are the EAGE Student Membership Grants Programme.

The programme provides student membership to earth science students, such as access to
EAGE services and products such as EarthDoc, webinars, and publications. Effectively, this gives
students the possibility to tap into new geoscience resources and connect to the wider geoscience
student community – helping you with expanding your network and to connect with your peers working
on similar topics.

ESF membership grants run on a calendar year basis. We therefore encourage individuals who are considering applying for the programme to apply early in the year. If you are considering applying for a membership grant, you can learn more about the procedure and requirements
at the membership page.

Online Geo-Quiz coming up

28 February 2019

The geo-quiz is one of the main ESF competitions to challenge students on
their geoscientific knowledge and stimulate multi-disciplinary team work.
To have a chance of winning, teams should after all be able to answer a
wide variety of questions!

In addition to the geo-quizzes organised at events and student gatherings,
the fund also supports the online EAGE geo-quiz, a challenge specifically
created for student chapters. Last year, student chapter representatives
from Tomsk Polytechnic University, the University of Calgary and Cracow
University were the winners of the online geo-quiz.

Online geo-quiz for Student Chapters

Participation to the online quiz is open to all registered EAGE Student
Chapters. All chapter members can chip in to answer the questions,
competing to become one of the three highest scoring student chapters.

The three highest scoring teams will receive financial support from the ESF
to send three chapter representatives to attend the 81st EAGE Annual
Conference and Exhibition. This year, the conference takes place from 3-6
June 2019 in London, UK. The winning teams will also take part in the
global geo-quiz taking place during the London conference and compete
with more than fifty other teams in a chance to become the global winner.

Registration and participation

All student chapter representatives will receive an invitation to register for the online Geo-quiz on 11 March. Chapter interested in participating should register by 15 March.

During the quiz you and your team will have to answer 20 multiple choice
questions within a 25 minutes time frame. Once time is up, the quiz will
automatically close. For that reason, make sure to be both fast and have a
stable internet connection!

Remember to work together and may the best student chapters win!

Good luck!

Happy birthday to… us!

25 February 2019

It is exactly ten years to the day the EAGE Student Fund was founded. Since
its inception, the ESF has been able to provide thousands of students with
support, knowledge and learning opportunities worldwide.

We will celebrate this milestone with a variety of activities and publications
over the course of the year. Make sure to look out for the ESF in First Break,
social media and at conferences for our activities!

ESF@10 – get involved

The ESF is only able to work towards its mission through the support of our
sponsors. The support received from both companies and individuals is
crucial and we therefore thank our supporters tremendously.

The fund is looking forward to continuing our mission in the upcoming
decade. In order to do so, we need the support from our community: