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Ukraine Professional Development Fund

Following up on proposals we received from EAGE members about how they can support their
Ukrainian colleagues, the EAGE Student Fund established a new programme to help support
the travel and accommodation costs of their Ukrainian colleagues’ attending the
83rd EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition and other EAGE events in 2022.
EAGE members who wish to contribute to this initiative can donate here.

Ukrainian colleagues wishing to take advantage of this programme are asked to send their applications to under
the heading of “Ukraine Professional Development Fund”.
Please indicate the event and the amount of support you wish to apply for.
For more details visit here

Gustavo Sclocchi Award winners announced

3 August 2020

The Gustavo Sclocchi Award is a joint initiative between the EAGE Student
Fund, SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers – Italian Section) and
Assomineraria (Italian Petroleum and Mining Industry Association –
Hydrocarbon and Geothermal Resources Sector).

The award series was initiated in 1993 to celebrate academic excellence
from Italian universities and Italian nationals graduating abroad. It was
named after Gustavo Sclocchi in 2003 in honour of his dedicated work on
the awards series.

Since its inception, 641 theses have been submitted, 138 of these receiving
awards. This edition marked a number of new elements, such as the first
inclusion of a dedicated category focussing on renewable energy and
energy transition. In addition, the award ceremony was, for the first time
ever, held entirely online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Overview of awardees

Sclocchi awards – MsC and Phd

  • Margherita Bruscolini – Universita di Milano (MSc)
    BYF cements: an eco-friendly alternative to ordinary Portland cements
  • Luca Bianchin – Universita di Trieste (PhD)
    Low-frequency Reconstruction Methods for Elastic Parameter
  • Chiara Zuffetti – Universita di Milano (PhD)
    Characterization and Modelling of Complex Geological Architectures:
    The Quaternary fill of the Po Basin at the Po Plain-Apennines border
    (Lombary, Italy)

Sclocchi awards – BSc and 2nd level MSc

  • Giuseppe Battista Abbate – University of Vienna (2nd level MSc)
    Defining the path to implement predictive maintenance on an offshore
    drilling business
  • Ahmed M. Sadek Elgendy – Politecnico di Torino (2nd level MSc)
    Carbon Capture & Storage: Modelling Prospective

Special mentions

  • Martina Balestra – Universita di Roma3 (PhD)
    Structural-Thermal Evolution of the Apenninic-Maghrebian Fold-and-
    thrust Belt in NW Sicily: Insights from 1D to 3D modelling
  • Magdalena Vera Chena – Politecnico di Torino (MSc)
    Risk Assessment of a Continuous Circulation System – Heart of Drilling
    (HOD) applied to drilling operations
  • Iwan Setiawan – Universita delgri Studi di Perugia (MSc)
    Seismic Characterization of a Late Miocene Calciclastic Deep-Water Fan
    in the Phu Khanh Basin, Offshore Vietnam
  • Carlo Cristiano Stabile – Politecnico di Torino (2nd level MSc)
    Data Analytics Approaches for the Distribution of Enhanced Perm
    Features in Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoirs
  • Marco Teodori – Politechnico di Milano (MSc)
    PIG Data Processing for Oil and Gas Pipeline Integrity Assessment

Sclocchi Award Ceremony

During the award ceremony, three prizes for category A, two prizes for category B, and five special mentions were awarded. Congratulations to all winners!

Any further information on the event will be posted on a dedicated page by the EAGE-SEG Italian Section. We’ve also uploaded the award ceremony to EAGE’s Youtube channel for those who missed out on the live ceremony.

Finalists of the Laurie Dake Challenge 2020 Announced!

11 June 2020

The Laurie Dake Challenge is a long-running project for EAGE students. The project is a
fully integrated evaluation and development task that challenges students to simulate a `
real industry activity culminating in a final round during the EAGE Annual conference &
exhibition in December.. 

This year, the dataset proved not to be the only challenge for students to overcome! 
The challenge has required a different workflow on the second round submission
after the lockdown of universities because of  the global situation of the COVID-19.
Even though teams were unable to work in the traditional way, we received excellent
quality of work on the submission of all participants. We would like to congratulate
all teams which accomplish their commitment with the project and did not give up the project!
We are pleased to announce  the selection of the six best  teams out of the 13 selected in
the previous round. The six finalists were selected based on an interim review, where teams
were required to record a pitch for their development plans. The remaining candidates will
receive an invitation to present their findings to a jury panel from academia and
the oil and gas sector. 

The six teams moving on the next stage of the competition are:
University of Stavanger, Norway;
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia;
Mexican Institute of Petroleum, Mexico

IFP School, France;
Curtin University, Australia;
Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia;

This contest would not be possible without Shell supporting the Laurie Dake Challenge by
providing the challenging dataset, as well as the Students Affairs Committee who has worked
hard to prepare the 2020 Laurie Dake Challenge.

During the official Opening Ceremony on Monday 8 December at EAGE Annual Conference
& Exhibition in Amsterdam, the EAGE President will be announcing the official Laurie
Dake Challenge 2020 winning team.

We wish participants good luck and may the best team win!

Semi-Finalists of the Laurie Dake Challenge Announced!

20 February 2020

Laurie Dake Challenge semi-finalists are one step close to present their findings in the
82nd EAGE Conference & Exhibition in Amsterdam to an expert jury, after months of working
on a dataset, provided by Shell, of a discovered hydrocarbon resources. Universities
and industry are invited to attend the presentations and witness the competition between
the most excellent multi-disciplinary student teams on a global scale.

The 13 remaining teams are required to start working with the data they received and; 
pitch your development plans in a 3-minute video.

Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo (Mexico)
Curtin University (Australia)
Bahria University Karachi Campus (Pakistan)
Universitas Brawijaya (Indonesia)
Institut Teknologi Bandung (team 1) (Indonesia)
The University of Manchester (UK)
Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia)
University Technology PETRONAS ( team 1) (Malaysia)
University Technology PETRONAS ( team 2) (Malaysia)
University of Stavanger (Norway)
Institut Teknologi Bandung ( team 2) (Indonesia)
Ain Shams University (Egypt)

To select the best 6 teams that we will invite to the finals on Sunday 7 June in Amsterdam,
the judges have decided to organize an interim review.

The pitch interim review will result in the selection of the 6 finalist teams that will receive
travel grants and registrations to the 82nd EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2020!

We wish all the teams still in the race the best of luck with the next step in the competition.

IGSC 2020 at RWTH Aachen University

06 February 2020

The IGSC is the International Geosciences Student Conference is organized for students from
various fields within geosciences and its related fields. It will take place in Aachen,
Germany, from July 5 – 10, 2020, and will be supported by the EAGE Student Fund and hosting
a regional qualifier for the EAGE GeoQuiz in 2021 during the EAGE Annual Meeting in Madrid, Spain.

 Leader of the IGSC 2020 Organization committee

The theme of the IGSC 2020 is as follows and revolves around the following four major topics:
-Applied Geosciences in a Modern Society.
-Acting responsibly for a sustainable future.
-Energy – Environment & Sustainability – Engineering – Raw Materials and Mineral Resources.

Since its conception in 2010 in Bucharest, the IGSC has been organised in various countries and
by several students of different nationalities. After Berlin in 2013, the honour comes
back to Germany to the city of Aachen, a wonderful opportunity in a perfect central European
location. Uppsala, Sweden, the home of the 2019 event, is where the journey of the IGSC 2020 began.
Our mission, to keep delivering science and knowledge to our fellow colleagues—
the students—is the central point of this event.

Our aim of the IGSC 2020 is to provide a platform for students at all levels to present their current research
and thesis work to other students from around the world, scientists from different universities,
research institutes, industry representatives, and sponsors. By giving the students this opportunity
through oral and poster presentations, students will have an impact on the geoscience community,
exchange ideas with peers, enhance their knowledge, and expand their professional network.

We, the organisers, look forward to receiving abstracts for posters and oral presentations related to the above-mentioned topics and other geoscience-related topics.
More information on the abstract submission, deadlines, and the registration for the
IGSC 2020 at and

Similarly, keynote speeches around the themes of the IGSC 2020 will provide students
with a broader insight into these fields and teach a critical judgment of current developments
in science. Technical and soft skills workshops carried out by leaders from the industry and academia
complement the programme and provide students with the opportunity of gaining practical skills
and hands-on experience in current trending geoscience topics. Students will strengthen and
expand their speaking and presenting skills which are essential in today´s world!

An extensive social programme including field trips, an icebreaker party, a farewell party, evening activities,
and a post-conference programme will complement the conference. Be sure not to miss out on this
great opportunity to learn, network, and have fun. For more information about the event, please visit Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at

New student chapter in Nigeria welcomed

3o January 2020

The newly established EAGE Student Chapter at Delta State University is ready to start 2020 with
a resolution list that includes plenty of students’ activities.

The SC is interested to take the leadership of Nigerian student’s activities and the need to develop
students with great geosciences and engineering skills are the motivations behind the
establishment with 24 members. Delta State University(Delsu) is a great citadel of learning,
located in the coastal city of Abraka, Delta State, Nigeria, West Africa It is a state-owned
university offering a wide range of courses.
The SC Delta state University motto is “Knowledge, Character & Service.
Victor Ededhor, who is the SC president, defined SC Delta as determined with adequate funding,
and they look forward to hosting well-attended activities.

Members of the student’s chapter have been involved in diverse activities such as IPTC2020, and the
Wellsite & Operations Geology Course/Training sponsored by NAPE
(Nigerian Association of Petroleum Exploitationists).

SC Delta would like to thank the EAGE Student Fund for the opportunity to promote the development and
application of geosciences and supporting Nigerian students according to the mission of the ESF.

Multi-disciplinary iGEO2020 conference by SC NUI Galway

23 January 2020

The Student Chapter at the National University of Ireland led the organization
of the iGEO2020 Early Career Symposium, which took place at the NUI, Galway, Ireland.
iGEO2020 started on the 9th of January 2020 with an opening ceremony
delivered by
university President Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh and Former Minister of State of natural resources
Seán Canney.

Over 80 registered delegates including speakers and workshop leaders were in attendance.
This was followed by the first set of workshops that ran side by side. Rather than focussing
on science only, the student chapter decided to follow a multi-disciplinary approach.
The first set of workshops focused on interview skills related to industry and public
sector roles, diversity and bias in the workplace and a technical workshop on spatial analysis
processing. After lunch keynote speakers Prof. Murray Hitzman, Lucy Cotton and
Dr. Jared Peters gave their talks followed by a discussion about the future of geoscience for
a sustainable society.

Poster sessions and 3-minute lightning talks had 30 early-career attendees showcased
their current work. This was followed by the conference dinner and social.

iGEO2020 Committee with Minister of State Sean Conney at the opening ceremony

On the second day of the symposium, the second set of workshops focuses on linking science
and policy, identifying stress trigger and mindfulness, is consultancy a career for you
and a technical workshop focusing on Geostatistics coding in R.

An industry exhibition was held where Dalradian Gold, New Boliden, University College
Cork and iCRAG had stands and allowing delegates to speak directly with representatives.
RealSIM also attended the showcase with a 3D virtual reality experience of Galway Bay through time.
After this, we had the prize giving for runner up and best poster and lightning talks
followed by the closing ceremony.

The students from the university were able to exchange information between
delegates industry and academia and the career development of ECGs.

The Student Chapter at the National University of Ireland ultimate goal of iGEO2020 is to foster
scientific debate & discussion surrounding the key issues affecting the future of Irish
geoscience as well as promote a) the exchange of information between ECG’s, industry
and academia and b) the career development of ECGs.

The Student Chapter at the National University of Ireland wishes to thank the EAGE Student
Fund for providing financial support to this activity.

All delegates on day 2 of iGEO2020

Ready to take on the EAGE Online Geo-Quiz?

9 January, 2020

Calling all EAGE student chapters! In March, the EAGE Student Fund will
support the organisation of the 2020 Online Geo-quiz. Secure your
seat in the science based quiz to have the opportunity to win three travel
grants to 82nd EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition in Amsterdam for
your student’s chapter. If your SC is interested in participating in the
challenge, make sure it is registered by 28 February as an active student
chapter for 2020.

For those unfamiliar with the concept: The Online Geo-Quiz is a fast-paced,
knowledge-based quiz where you have the opportunity to answer all
questions with your team, and competing to be one of the top 3 Student
Chapter winners. As questions cover a wide range of earth science topics,
working together with peers from a variety of backgrounds will be key.

The three highest-scoring teams will receive financial support from the ESF
to send three chapter representatives to attend the 82nd EAGE Annual
Conference and Exhibition, which will take place from 8-11 June 2020 in
Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Moreover, the winning teams will take part in
the onsite Global Geo-Quiz and compete against more than 50 university /
student teams competing for becoming a global winner.

The invitation to participate in the Online Geo-Quiz will be sent on 10
March to all EAGE student chapters which renewed their involvement for

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact before you start the quiz!

Remember to work together and may the best student chapters win!

Laurie Dake Challenge 2020 awaits your participation

31 October 2019

NEWS!  Join the Laurie Challenge 

The call for participants for the Laurie Dake Challenge is open. Make sure to join us for
the finals at the EAGE Annual in Amsterdam, June 2020!

We are already looking forward to meeting the best of our student community at
the next year’s finals in Amsterdam!

Germany opens a new EAGE student chapter

3 October 2019

Since September 2019, RWTH Aachen University, Germany’s largest technical university
is home to the newest EAGE Student Chapter. The chapter was initiated by students of the master
programme Applied Geosciences with specialisation on Energy and Mineral Resources focusing
strongly on the E&P related topics but also on emerging geothermal topics. It will be led by
Alexander Jüstel, and will be supported by the vice president Luis Alberto Pizano Wagner,
secretary Alexander von Schéele and treasurer Mohamed Moursy as well as several student

The EAGE Student Chapter is the second student association within the Department of
Geosciences and Geography next to the already existing SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers)
Student Chapter. The current board aims at merging these two student chapters in order
to create synergies and provide the most benefits for the student members of both chapters.
The EAGE Student Chapter can thereby use the pre-existing infrastructure and contacts of
the SPE student chapter which has established tight relations with members of the
university, representatives from industry in Germany and internationally but also other
student associations such as the local student council.

As RWTH Aachen University is close to the EAGE Headquarters in Houten, the Netherlands,
tight connections to the EAGE representatives are aimed to be established, too. This could
be realized by Student Lecturers Tours by EAGE representatives at RWHT Aachen University to
further elaborate on the opportunities with EAGE. As RWTH Aachen University is
known for its international connections throughout the industry and academic world,
the freshly founded EAGE Student Chapter aims at giving even more companies a
chance to present themselves, their fields of expertise, and internship possibilities or
graduation programmes for students of various study programmes. The student chapter
would like to provide an opportunity to all interested students to expand their professional
network to get a job right after graduating.

The newly established EAGE Student Chapter at RWTH Aachen University would like to
thank the EAGE Student Fund for the opportunity to promote the development and
application of geosciences and related engineering subjects, to promote innovation and
technical progress and to foster the communication, fellowship and cooperation between
the industry and local Aachen students according to the mission of the ESF.

The chapter would like to invite interested companies and representatives to share their
expertise during a technical talk or workshop at RWTH Aachen University or during a
company visit.

We  are going to organize the 9th International Geosciences Student Conference (IGSC),
5-11 June  2020 in the The RWTH Aachen University. The scientific purpose of this conference
is to provide a platform for students to present their current research and thesis work to
other students from around the world, scientists from different universities and research institutes,
industry representatives, and sponsors.  With this opportunity, students will have an impact on
the geoscience community, exchange ideas, enhance their knowledge, and expand their
professional network. Also, we plan to conduct soft skills workshops in order to strengthen
and expand participating students speaking and presenting skills. The chapter also invites
other EAGE Students Chapters to participate in the Conference and take the chance to visit the
historic city of Aachen and to explore the many possibilities at this university or to
organize a joint event in Aachen or at the respective Student Chapter´s university.
Please contact the chapter president Alexander Jüstel if you are interested in organizing such events.

The EAGE Student Chapter Board of the RWTH Aachen University at the EAGE Booth,
in the SEG 2019 Conference.